The Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest provided the perfect venue for Supper Theatre and as a corporate presentations/launch venue.

The theatre was the realisation of a dream for, Gary McKenzie who had previously run the supper theatre at The Langoustine By The Sea for many years prior to the opening of the Heritage theatre.

The Theatre opened at a time when Durban was in desperate need of a Supper Theatre that offered great shows & great food combined with excellent service. The Heritage Theatre had since it's inception, filled this gap in the market.

The search was on to find an appropriate venue. After scouting around to no avail they decided to find an area where they could create a purpose built Supper Theatre. On hearing about the new developments at The Heritage Market the centre management were approached about building a Theatre. The positive response resulted in the creation of the first purpose built supper theatre.

The Heritage Theatre opened on the 18th April 2005

Sadly after having presented hundreds of shows over the course of the 9 years it operated the theatre was forced to close its doors for good in 2014 when its new landlord did not allow the theatre to renew its lease.